Author Barry Kaye Explains How To Create And Protect Wealth

Barry Kaye worked in the insurance industry for over forty-seven years, and became known as an expert on life insurance. He has lectured nationally and written many books and articles on the subject. He was one of the first people to realize the value of life insurance as an asset that could become a major component of anyone's diversified portfolio.

Barry Kaye's Books Become Best Sellers

Due to Barry Kaye's exceptional skill at explaining complex financial concepts in simple, easy to understand terms, his books regularly hit the best seller list. Barry Kaye's book, The Investment Alternative, is a comprehensive guide to diversifying your assets and utilizing life insurance policies to drastically reduce estate tax costs for your heirs.

Barry Kaye's previous book titles include:

  • Die Rich and Tax Free
  • Die Rich 2
  • Live Rich
  • You Buy, You Die, It Pays

Each one of Barry Kaye's books include valuable tips on how to use life insurance products to give your heirs more wealth by virtually eliminating the substantial penalties of inheritance taxes. Backed by solid research and packed with a series of examples, including real life stories, Barry Kaye's books offer a solid approach to preparing your estate.

Die Rich 2 and Live Rich Provide Help For Accumulating Wealth

While some of Barry Kaye's books focus on preparing your estate and protecting your assets for future generations, at least one of his books also presents valuable guidance in living life fully in the here and now. Live Rich shares insights into how to create a fulfilling, and rewarding lifestyle for your family based on Barry Kaye's own observations.

Barry Kaye backs all of his books with sound economic principles he learned while building his own fortune. Sharing his insights with others through his books is one way Barry Kaye continues to enjoy life.

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